About the company

Dear Customers,

For 30 years we have been associated with hunting and nature. In this period we have gained valuable experience while spending countless hours in the hunting ground, day and night, in all kinds of weather and seasons, wandering through hills, valleys and meadows, spending a lot of time on raised hides and chasing game.

Each moment spent on hunting gave us new experiences and knowledge, surprising us with an incredible variety of situations, which posed numerous challenges to us and our equipment.

We often asked ourselves what we could do to make hunting even more beautiful, and each time the answer was: functional and reliable equipment. Where ordinary equipment or hunting clothes reach their peak of durability, the perfect work on development and improvement of 2WOLFS products shows its value, as for 2WOLFS the starting point when developing our product range is: PASSION, NATURE, COMFORT.

We use our hunting experience, the experience of our fellow hunters, technical knowledge of our designers and their work to derive knowledge which allows us to come up with innovative solutions and products affecting effective and comfortable hunting. The difference is made with details and designing work supervised by active and devoted hunters – passionate about their hobby, who tailor 2WOLFS products to specific needs of contemporary hunting.

Well thought-out and checked solutions, ''the best of the best'' ones for traditional and modern hunters who have high expectations, they all meet only in one place: 2WOLFS.

Try it yourself, hunting with 2WOLFS, as especially during hunting, the comfort and effectiveness depend on every detail.